Safety Statement

For over sixty years, we have had the distinct honor of serving the Inland Northwest community as they commemorate life’s greatest moments. Though Covid-19 has changed the way we gather, it has not changed our commitment to take care of our guests in the safest environment possible.

With a focus on the recommendations provided by the CDC and the Washington & Idaho Department of Health as well as regulations put forth by the state of Washington & Idaho, we have implemented stringent safety measures to ensure your health and well being while we continue our tradition of celebrating with you.

In response to Covid-19, here is what you can expect from us:

Sanitization: We will be doing a complete cleaning of your venue before the event. Throughout the event, we will be doing frequent disinfecting of high touchpoints such as door handles, restrooms, and bar surfaces. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the event for guests to use and masks will be available upon request.

Staff: Black Tie Catering service staff will be wearing masks, sanitizing hands between tasks, and wearing gloves at all times. Our service staff is trained in Covid-19 compliant processes to keep themselves and guests as safe as possible, and all Black Tie Catering team members will be health screened at the start of their shift. They will be sent home if health-focused criteria are not met. Our food will be prepared in a disinfected kitchen with staff social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and wearing gloves at all times.

Ongoing Commitment to Safety: You have our commitment to work with vendor partners to ensure they are meeting the director of the CDC, MDH, and the state of Washington and Idaho. Additionally, we are updating procedures and processes as we continue to learn more which focuses on event safety. Finally, Black Tie Catering will direct all events to follow the guidelines as mandated by federal and local governments at the time of your event.

In an effort to keep your celebration healthy, here is what we ask of you as a guest:

Sanitation: Please wash your hands frequently, be respectful of social distancing, and wear your mask at all times when not actively eating or drinking. If you have had symptoms of Covid-19 or have been around anyone with these symptoms, we respectfully ask that you celebrate from the comfort of your own home.

Staff: Our staff is here to take care of you, and we appreciate you taking care of them. As our team works to protect your health and ensure the safe enjoyment of each event, we ask that you wear your mask anytime you are interacting with Black Tie Catering staff and respectfully comply with any requests or reminders to follow safe practices.

We hold close the last three decades of celebrating, and eagerly anticipate fifty years more. In the meantime, we remain steadfast in our commitment to safe and healthy celebrations that simultaneously uplift our enduring values – imaginative cuisine, intriguing venues, impeccable service, and impressed guests.

Black Tie Catering Management