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Having trouble deciding on menu items?

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Come meet with us! Our chefs can create fun menus to reflect your personalities and favorite foods.

Worried your taste buds are more established than your guests’? Don’t worry, it’s our job to create food that is super flavorful to accommodate those who have sophisticated taste buds but seasoned just right for those who may not be as adventurous. 🙂

Can’t find a catering company to create the items that you want to serve at your event? Give us a call! If we think your items will work on a large scale and hold up through service we will make them for you!

Fun and exciting ideas to change up the traditional wedding food habits:
– Do something different than sweets for dessert. (savory items instead of sweet)
– Have appetizers that no one would ever consider to have (PBnJ, pizza, popsicles, etc.)
– (if you have ideas or changed something up for your wedding comment below and tell us how it worked!!)


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