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With over 50 years of experience in catering services, event planning and culinary arts, we offer quality service and production. Black Tie Catering will make your catered event work-free, carefree with exceptional service and incredible food.

Our dedication to quality and extensive catering knowledge will be key in working to give you the best experience possible. Every event should be unforgettable and that includes the unforgettable food.

Let Black Tie Catering create a bold statement for your wedding, corporate function or special event.

Chef Jeff

Executive Chef Jeff Chatigny’s goal for Black Tie Catering is to create a unique experience for every client. His flavor profiles were developed while being raised in the eclectic culture of the Los Angeles area. Jeff learned at an early age that the two most important ingredients in any dish is love and passion. The love is the time and anguish spent perfecting recipes. The passion is the intense flavors and non-subtleties you will experience.

Our Chef took to cooking at an early age. From the time he could see above the counter he was already asking to help and learned to enjoy the process of creating meals. During high school, Jeff worked as a Pizza Chef tending to a wood fired pizza oven. His journey in the culinary field has led him through the ranks of a Production Cook, Line Chef, Busboy, Server, Bartender, and has served as Beverage Manager, Head Service Manager and General Manager. Our chef’s diverse background and deep understanding from both sides of the window is what makes him a great fit for Black Tie Catering. He truly understands the needs of the guests and appreciates how important each event is.

Jeff currently serves as the Executive Chef for the Longhorn BBQ Corporation which includes TIMBER Gastro Pub, Black Tie Catering and the Longhorn BBQ restaurants. He created the menu at Timber Gastropub in Post Falls and is the GM and Head Chef there.